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6 Little Tips For Detoxing Your Home – Latrice Littleton

6 Little Tips For Detoxing Your Home

6 Little Tips For Detoxing Your Home

I recognize that it’s essential to our health to pay close attention to the things that we put into our bodies, and also our home environment. I have many friends who are major health advocates, but they seem to miss a very important step; detoxing their homes. It’s wonderful to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle and we all have to start somewhere. We just need to be sure that we’re also taking the time to make better choices with cleaning products, cookware, and indoor practices. I generally have a few good habits when it comes to keeping a “green” home, and I enjoy learning as I go. The goal is to keep our homes as eco-friendly as possible by decreasing your chemical footprint. Here are 6 Ways that have helped me to detox my living space.

Dust Differently: Typical dusting feathers can aid with removing dust from surface areas, but the dust is kicked into the air and circulated. To properly remove dust completely, I switched my feather duster for unscented micro-fiber cloths which attract unhealthy particles instead of spreading them around.

Fresh Air: If the weather permits, my windows are opened daily. Luckily, I was careful to select a home with lots of greenery and sunlight surrounding my courtyard; being that sunlight and fresh air is so important. Opening your windows will allows your space to breath. Indoor air is generally 5 times more polluted than outside air.

Toxic Dryer Sheets: Dryer sheets contain high levels of toxins that are absorbed into the skin through your clothing and wash cloths and contain chemicals like quaternary ammonium compounds that contribute to asthma and respiratory problems. I’ve switched to Honest’ plant-based cloths and I feel a lot better making small steps and healthier choices.

No shoes in the house. (as most household dirt, pesticides and lead come in on your shoes). Instead, you can go barefoot or wear house slippers. This is a hard rule for me, and it’s a great concept to adopt. Leave the germs at the door.

Get a shower filter (as many of the contaminants in tap water become gases at room temperature). A shower filter can help keep these toxins from becoming airborne. I’ve decided to invest in water filters that remove contaminants and metals from the water. These filters work wonders and the water is much softer. Filtering has direct effects on the hair, skin, and respiratory system. Be sure to shop for filters by doing research on the components that you’d like to remove. All filters are not created equal.

Grab A Humidifier: Humidifiers are life savers for me. In the colder months, running the heat can cause dry skin and a loss of moisture in the air. Humidifiers help to prevent dry skin, snoring, the spread of airborne viruses, dry nasal passages and eyes, they also help to prevent static and wood damage. In California, the air is much drier, so it feels much more comfortable indoors with an adequate balance of moisture circulating throughout the home.


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