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A Moment with me Q&A – Latrice Littleton

A Moment with me Q&A

A Moment with me Q&A

I’m very grateful that I’m able to answer many of your questions as it relates to my life and experiences. I’ve not taken your comments for granted. In fact, I’m deeply moved by the healthy conversations that I’ve been a part of since I began writing. I had a ton of fun speaking with a wonderful group of woman at the writer’s circle. Here are some of the most common questions that I’ve received during our Q&A.

Q: What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

A: Ah, that’s a loaded question. I recognize that everyone has their own individual needs and things that they require in-order to feel satisfied within the scope of  a partnership. For me, I really thrive on communication and transparency. If I’m aware of an issue, I feel that I can better navigate in an effort to find a solution. When there’s a breakdown in communication things start to get tricky. I like to use the word “partnership” because ultimately you need to have two people on board who are equally willing to build together. Communication, transparency, and FUN! I can’t stress this enough… have fun in your relationships. There will be necessary moments of seriousness, but you truly have to be a source of light and laughter for yourself and your partner. I think that’s extremely important. Create memories, and laugh a lot in the interim. Never forget that.

Q: Do you cook?

A: Ha! Why is this a question? These days I’ve really been trying to chef it up a bit more. I enjoy making meals and hosting at my home, but I typically don’t have much time to be as awesome in the kitchen as I would like to be. Cookbooks have saved me, since I tend to get bored easily with meals that I’m a pro at making. Clean eating is also something that’s really essential for me and finding ways to make it fun has taken away the mundane aspects of prepping a meal. I’ve found a ton of vegan recipes that are just amazing and I would like to ace this part of my life. As the woman of my household, I really want to be able to make healthy dishes that my family and friends will love and thank me for.

Q: Do you plan to have more kids?

A: I do! I’m a natural nurturer and I love little ones. Motherhood is such a unique blessing that allows you to practice selflessness. You can’t be great at this without learning to share your time, space, and energy with another person. The wonderful thing is that I don’t mind. I was an only child for thirteen years, so I learned quickly that I had to be creative in-order to entertain myself. Consequently, it’s never been a desire of mine to have a tiny nest. All in due time.

Q: How do you balance a busy schedule?

A: Write. Write. Write. I’m the woman with a planner attached to my hip at all times. I’ve never been able to get into adding events to my phone, instead I prefer to write things down in a traditional planner. I also have to remind myself not to go crazy with post-its (my bffs). There’s something very special about seeing your ideas and plans on paper. I try to create a balanced day for myself. I wake up at 5am to stretch, jump rope, and hit the 6am Pilates class before I fully start my day, and when I’m tired I rest without hesitation. By keeping organized I’m able to avoid being trapped into having terribly stressful days where I’m rushing and flustered every second. Plan things out the night before if possible and find ways to stay in a space of peace and ease each day.

Q: What is your biggest style inspiration?

A: Olivia Pope, does that count? I’m really into simple, feminine attire. I find myself gravitating more towards earth tones, and subtle hues. I’ve never been into bright, showy colors. I guess you can say that I’m more conservative with my style of dress, but It gets fun for me when I have an event or girls night out. Cocktail dresses are my thing. It’s when I can be a little more expressive and saucy with my choices. Olivia Pope during the day and Sasha Fierce at night. I think that does it.

Q: How do you decide what to write about? 

A: It’s interesting because my posts are almost always spontaneous. If I come across something that I think others will love, then I’m willing to share. I also find that a lot of my inspiration comes from subjects that I’ve learned and expounded upon through research and experience. Whenever I face challenges, I don’t turn a blind eye to my problems. Instead, I try to take something away from it in-order to strengthen myself as a woman. If I think that it may be beneficial to share an idea, or story then I grab a blank sheet of paper to get started.

Q: What would we find on your favorite playlist?

A: I have such an eclectic ear for music that you’ll likely find that most of my favorites aren’t mainstream artist. I like music that reaches me, soulful, relatable, personal. I do have a few favorites at the moment:

Solange “Borderline”is beautiful. It’s about taking time to sort out issues with the one you love and letting go just long enough to make it right again. ( Also: “Cranes In the sky“)

Quadron “LFT” will always be a favorite on my playlist. I like to listen to this when I’m getting ready to step out.

Dele Sosimi “Too Much Information”is that one song that I always want to hear at a nightclub. I first heard Sosimi’s AfroBeats in London and fell in love with the music. I enjoy music that is culturally distinct. It’s different and interesting to me.

Nouvelle Vague “Just can’t get enough”I’m sure that I listen to this song at least once a day. This is my favorite french band and they mix classic french romance with Bossa Nova… It’s great.

Coldplay- This will always be my favorite group of all time. I’ve really grown to love every album that they’ve released. Their music just feels great to listen to and puts me in a good mood.

Sade- “Your love is king“- This will never be removed from the playlist. Sade is my favorite singer, so her albums are always in rotation. Most of my shower singing happens with this song along with “Nothing can come between us” her music is timeless.



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